Haul From Bulk Apothecary

Hello everyone! I just received my order from Bulk Apothecary so I thought I’d show you what I got. I’ve been wanting to make my own lip balm and lotions ever since watching some videos on YouTube, so I ordered a bunch of oils and butters so I could try it. Ok so I didn’t just get this stuff, I’ve had it for a little over a week. I’ve made a few lip balms and can’t wait to try some different recipes. So here’s a list of what I ordered:

Beeswax for the base. This is definitely a necessity so your lip balm isn’t like jelly (unless you like that).

  1. Shea Butter
  2. Cocoa Butter
  3. Coconut Oil (I got the wrong one so it doesn’t smell like coconut) 😦 If you order from this site make sure you get the extra virgin coconut oil not the 76 degree one unless you don’t want it to smell like coconut. I do so I will be ordering some more.
  4. Sweet Almond Oil
  5. Grapeseed oil
  6. Jojoba oil
  7. Essential oils: Grapefruit, Vanilla, Rosemary, and Sweet Orange
  8. And an unscented lotion base to make my own lotion. I haven’t worked with that yet but will soon.

I will be making some more lip balms soon and will be trying some lotion concoctions as well. I’ll keep you posted on the outcome. I will also be posting how I made them in case anyone wants to try it. 🙂