Neutral Beauty is Moving!!

Hello all!  Just a quick post to say that my blog is moving. My new blog will be at I know this blog hasn’t been up for very long but I wanted my own domain name and if I wanted it on my WordPress blog I would have to pay just to have it mapped so I figured I might as well just pay for my own hosting. I decided to go with Blogpress for several reasons, First, they do all the techie work so you can focus on blogging, they will help you make your blog exactly the way you want without all the fuss, if you don’t know how to do something just send them a message and they will respond within a few hours and last but not least, they use WordPress as their platform. Blogpress really is awesome and I’m so glad I found it, I can’t say enough good things about it. So please check out my new blog at Eventually, I will be taking the old blog down so please don’t forget to follow my new blog on Bloglovin’  I am working on new content everyday and I am very excited to get this blog up and rolling with original and consistent content for my readers. Enjoy! ❤