Mark Makeup Has Merged With Avon

Hey Ladies! I have been a Mark rep for about three years now so when I found out back in July that Mark was merging with Avon and if I wanted to continue to be a rep I had to become an Avon rep. Even though I wasn’t really an active seller with Mark I didn’t want to give up being a rep because I love their products especially the perfume Celebrate (it smells so good). Also because I started this blog I figured I could sell that way.

So Mark gave a transition period to switch over which waived the $10 enrollment fee (Mark was $20 to start) but unfortunately I didn’t make the cut off date because I couldn’t decided if I wanted to be an Avon rep, mostly because I do have an Avon store in my local mall that I can get anything I want from Mark or Avon. Now I know I said above that I didn’t want to give that up, however being an Avon rep is different and I’m still not sure I will make it because from my understanding you kind of have to sell and be active in order to be a rep and since I wasn’t active with Mark I question if I can be active with Avon. That’s just me being honest. I don’t really have a lot of friends and I’m quiet and shy. I just wanted to write this post to say that I did go ahead and sign up and I am going to do my best and be the best Avon rep I can be and hopefully with the help my sponsor I will be successful. I did put a link to my Avon Store in the menu and of course in this post so feel free to check that out!

Honestly, I have never used Avon products except for one face cream I bought from my local Avon store and it didn’t last long because I dropped it and it broke. 😦 But I am very excited to try the products, especially after seeing some of the videos on the new formulas of lipsticks and eye shadows and true color technology  which pretty much says the color you see is what you see when applied so I’m super excited to check them out. I can’t stand it when you by a lip color or eye shadow and it’s not at all what it looks like in the tube or palate. Ok, I will stop rambling now I haven’t posted in a while so I had a lot to say. I will work on getting more posts up soon. Have a great day!

xoxo Tracy